大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 05/03

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 05/03

我見 我聞 我思


2020 年新冠病毒在美國肆虐是二次大戰以來對國家最重大之災難,五十多萬國民丧失寶貴生命, 經济損失更是難予估計, 拜登總統在國家最危及之時刻,臨危受命,拯救國家。


新冠大流行再度顯示了美國社會深處之弱點,多少失業人口要依賴政府之立即救濟,國會直接向家庭發放支票, 幫助他們保住了自己的家,让他們不致流落街頭。



The Time Of Big Government Is Coming

President Biden’s total six trillion dollar budget might have seemed unthinkable following the last recession. The pandemic has reminded most Americans to think that big government can deliver money or help and speed efforts to end the crisis faster.

The government is promising that in years to come it will improve our daily lives with smoother roads, cheaper child care, free schooling, cleaner energy, paid leave for workers and faster internet service. The president wants to pay for improvements by raising taxes on high earners and corporations.

The pandemic crisis has showed the long-standing inequalities and fragility of our economy.

In the last several months we have really seen how the government has helped people including vaccine deployment, money for rent, food, and healthcare. This is making all the difference in the world. When we look back at history we can see that the wealth of this country has been controlled by only a few people, or about one percent of the richest people in the country. They should pay more taxes as well as the big corporations.

For America’s future in this competitive world, we really have no way out other than to accept big government.

We are so glad that with more Americans now vaccinated and the economy being reopened, we feel that a very optimistic recovery is on the way.

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