大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 04/05

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 04/05





老實說,我們這一代新移民多半成長在政治動盪不安的時代,為了本身之生存和下一代之前程, 大家來到這裡尋求美國夢,多少人经過苦讀及創業之艱辛努力,多半的移民在經濟及社會上已取得相當之成就,但是我們要捫心自問,我們對自己的社會做了多少貢獻?我們參加過或捐献了多少給予社會團體,這些都顯示我們自掃門前雪的心態。

許多人面對目前複雜不安的社會環境,有不如归去的念頭,但是,我們不能一走了之,這塊土地,有著太多的辛勞和牽掛,我們絶不可氣餒,一定要大家手牽手,來保護我們的社區和國家 ,絕不可因暫時之挫折而喪失信心,讓我們共勉吧!

Let’s Unite The Asian Community

After the so called “China virus” statements by President Trump last year, the whole nation was covered with many incidents including the Black Lives Matter attacks, the Atlanta murders of seven Asian people and more than five thousand hate crimes against Asian Americans. The whole country, especially in the Asian community were full of fear and insecurity.

Last week we joined Congressman Al Green and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee’s anti-hate crime news conference. I felt so sad and outraged because we felt like now we were second class citizens.

Many of us came to this land because of political reasons or we were looking for a better future for the next generation. Through hard work and higher education we became middle class, but we have to admit that a lot of our people didn’t make a significant contribution to our community and we didn’t participate in many local activities. In other words, we still did not assimilate into the society.

Many immigrants wanted to go back to their old country. I really agree with what they wanted to do, but this is our nation and we all belong here. We need to overcome all the difficulties and be united to build a new confidence and to build a great country together.

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